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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  October 12, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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officials say he was hit by a high-speed acela train. th kill
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a drunk driving crash. police say 28-year-old ray wolfrey of clarksville drove his car into the back of a car driven by 53-year-old mary valenzuela. her car crashed into a telephone pole along route 108 killing her and injuring the passenger in her car. police say ray wolfrey drove from the scene, he was arrested later and charged with dui, hit-and-run as well as homicide. the medical examiner's office has not released autopsy results of the man who died during the baltimore marathon on saturday. we know the victim was 23 years old, he collapsed around the 25-mile mark. rescuers rushed him to union memorial hospital but doctors were not able to revive him. this is the second death in the nine-year history of the great baltimore marathon. baltimore city police are looking for suspects in two drive-by shootings from early yesterday morning that left one man dead. the first happened here on the 3700 block of spring dale avenue in west baltimore. it happened shortly after midnight. police say two men were standing by a parked car when
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another car pulled up bespied them and two people started shooting. the gunfire killed dion jones and left another no shock trauma. an hour later a man was hit in the arm during a drive-by shooting on north creston street in east baltimore. police don't think the shootings are related. it appears someone stole perm information from an atm on the eastern shore. a card skimming device was attached to an atm at a bank of america in stevensville. card
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good morning, maryland time now 6:12. it's a crime that could hit any of us. it doesn't matter how much you make or what you do identity
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thieves do not discriminate. >> in honor of identity theft prevention week joce sterman is telling you how to protect yourself. if those thieves do get their hands on your sensitive information. >> reporter: something as simple as a dumpster can be a playground for identity thieves. the same i true with your mailbox and internet. fraudsters have nearly endless sources to find info that could be used to do a lot of damage. but even if your stuff lands in the wrong hands you can still protect yourself. >> just because your information has been breached or compromise doesn't mean you're a victim of identity theft. everybody needs to take a breath and relax. >> reporter: angie barnett with the better business bureau says while you don't have to panic you do have to take quick action if you believe someone has gotten access to vital stats. step one, of course, it's a bank or credit card ask the company to close your account or at least change your number. then contact the three agencies, experian, equifax and
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transunion, ask for a fraud alert, that makes it harder for someone taking your name to get credit. it can also see if there have been inquiries about your credit. >> that will tell you whether or not someone is truly trying to use your identity. >> reporter: barnett says you can also ask for a credit freeze that will block access all together. last tip, monitor your credit check with the reporting agencies, keep a close eye on your identity. >> a lot of this monitoring you can do yourself. by ordering those reports, by watch your statements. and that's your best defense. >> reporter: defense against fraudsters who want to use your good name for their bad intentions. joce sterman, abc2 news. some may be claiming fraud here. looks like fall was just stolen from us. check the almanac. on this monday, 45 for a normal
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morning. 6 in the afternoon. records have been as low as 29 degrees in 1964. we'll start focusing on the low records considering that almost 80 record low temperatures were set over the weekend in the colorado rockies and that cold air is moving its way eastbound. we check out 89 degrees, that was set back in 1954. this morning, down to 48. nothing unusual here. upper 40s towards new york at 47. 48 richmond and 60 norfolk. that is the warm air that is still suppressed further on down to the south. the cool air is going to win this battle over the course of this week. the clouds have won the battle overnight. really invading the sky and dominating our scene and looks like we remain mostly cloudy to overcast. what is the difference? a few breaks of sun with the mostly cloudy sky. overcast, no sun. i think that i will with be the situation today. we have a split jet stream flow here. very active pattern. we are watching some snow across the rockies, ejected south across the central and northern plains, nebraska
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through the dakotas, minneapolis/st. paul, on the cold side of this jet stream, two to four inches of snow in the metro area and twin cities. as far as the south, the other part here is the semi tropical feed injecting its way into the south with some rainfall and that stays just south of us. 60 at bwi marshall, that is going to be an optimistic view with the mostly cloudy skies. we stay overcast. most of us in the upper 50s. that in and of itself about 10 degrees below normal. tonight, 48 degrees. maybe a brief shower on the south side. we're expecting temperatures tomorrow to recover to 69. i talked about cold air. well, wait, it comes up for the rest of the week. we'll have the detailed forecast coming up in a few minutes. 6:16. remember, you can check us on line at check our interactive doppler radar because this is what i'll be doing all day at work, watching the rain to the south and oh, we've got some snow showing up. that blue shading, our color-coded radar getting to flex its muscle today across the northern plains. let's check the roads with kim.
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>> thank you. if you're traveling to dc no problems to let you know about on the bw parkway. southbound 95 looks good as you make your way through howard county headed to the capitol beltway. a quick reminder that dc metro is operating on a saturday schedule because of the federal holiday. that earlier crash we had on 695, that's between stevenson road and park heights avenue, that crash has been cleared and is not causing a delay at this time. that earlier crash that was at west patapsco avenue between the light rail station and 895, still on scene though they are in the final stages of getting that cleared. jfx is running incident-free, no problems in either direction. back to you. 6:17. we are your race for the cure station. we'll be broadcasting live all sunday morning here for you. want to talk about these incredible stories we're going to be telling you -- roz, tell me about roz. she survived breast cancer, then finds out she's got p.f. -- pancreatic cancer. >> her attitude is phenomenal.
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she's using humor, hope. she wants you to know it's never too late and you're never too sick to live. take a look. >> so, here we are, just -- you can't help but laugh. >> reporter: you pay attention to the woman with the clown nose. roz trever may look silly but she has something to teach all of us. >> celebrate life. celebrate everything that is going on. >> reporter: roz made a living teaching people how to celebrate life. here she is making people laugh. >> the next thing you know i'm teaching people about stress. i found that humor was a part of stress management. that was, like, a blast for me. >> reporter: in 2002 she got tough news. she was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> the doctor says how do you feel? i said, well, what do you mean? i have gigs to do, i don't have time for this. i did. i just went on and said we're going to do the lumpectomy and
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get rid of this and i have to go on and do the talks that i have to deliver to people. and i just kept going on. >> reporter: and she did. she survived it. roz got back to work teaching people how to be happy. goofy glasses, funny hats and lots of laughs. >> that lasted for a good five years. and then i was diagnosed with another cancer. and, so, that was -- that took me out of commission for a while. and that was pancreatic cancer. >> reporter: roz says the news was hard but feeling sorry for herself is just not her sphiel. >> it's a -- style. >> it's a tough hand to be dealt. i think i've gone through all the stages, bargaining with god, accepting, being angry, being in denial. but it doesn't do you any good until you realize this is what you have. >> reporter: she chose laughter, surrounded herself in things that made her smile. stuffed animals, funny movies, balloons, and family. she wrote two books. >> keen sense of humor - >> reporter: hoping to pass
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positive messages on to others. >> my mantra is live life laughing. it's the best thing i've found so far. the world is not going to come to an end. you're going to be able to make it through everything. that's my story. >> reporter: it's a valuable story, roz, thank you for sharing it and inspiring us. remember, abc2 is a proud sponsor of the susan g. komen race for the cure. if you want more information check out we have a "think pink" page for all the details on the race and how you can help out. coming up next, when the pope speaks thousands gather at the vatican to hear him. >> and thousands packed into vatican square but the pope didn't deliver his typical message. the honors he gave out. first, business news from new york. >> reporter: good morning. topping your "moneyscope report" -- wall street opens for business despite the columbus day holiday. only the bond market will be closed. this week the dow makes another run at the 10,000 mark having surged 377 points last week, a high for the year.
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third quarter corporate earnings reports will drive the market this week. among them g.e., intel, and j.p. morgan chase. the epidemic of foreclosures is hitting the most expensive homes. in june 30% of the foreclosed homes were in the top third of local housing values, according to a survey by the reason, upscale hopes suffered most -- homes suffered most as home values fell and likely bought with exotic mortgages. an unusual idea to boost tourism, tax international tourists, the idea under consideration in washington. congress is expected to approve a $10 charge for visitors from countries that don't need visas including most of europe, australia, japan and korea. the money would help fund a new campaign to promote more travel to the u.s. a new survey finds that teens top savings goals is not the latest tech gadget after all. 62% of teens said they were saving for college according to a survey. only 40% of their parents said
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that's what they saved for when they were teens. this weekend movie goers flocked to couples retreats, powering the ensemble film to $35 million in ticket sales. "zombieland" came in second with $15 million. "cloudy with a chance of meatballs," stayed up interest with another $12 million. looks like bernard madoff will be the hit of many halloween parties this year. the mr. ponzi masks depicts the imprisoned financier and already flying off the shelves. one company already shipped 15,000 of them to stores across the country. coming up on "good morning america," a live report from wall street as investors look to see whether the hot streak will continue. that is your "moneyscope report." i'm jeremy hubbard.
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good morning on this monday, columbus day. we've got a cool pattern setting up for the entire week. temperatures today will respond, whether it's mostly cloudy or completely overcast. i think we stay overcast which means 60 will be in the top end of the range. probably upper 50s for most of us. maybe a sprinkle this evening and overnight we slip back to 48. the warmest day of the week tomorrow, turning partly sunny. we're back with clouds and showers wednesday. thursday, friday, wet, we could have moderate rain with a coastal storm trying to develop. 40-degree temperatures is 20 degrees below normal. back in the 50s next weekend with lingering showers. 6:25. let's check the roads with kim. >> as you look at 695 on the west side of the outer loop we appear to be zoomed in on an incident here that looks like it's blocking the shoulder, possibly the right lane though traffic seems to be getting by a little to the left. probably causing a minor delay. expect the usual slowdown between 795 and route 70.
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we did have an earlier crash on the outer loop between stevenson road and park heights avenue. that crash has since been cleared but still dealing with a crash in south baltimore at west patapsco avenue between the light rail station and 895. they are in the final stages of cleaning that up but it's still remaining on the scene so just use caution. a look at the jfx, this is going to be at northern parkway, traffic is dpipg to build but still -- beginning to build but still moving smoothly. back to you. 6:26. national headlines -- this is just ridiculous here. this is a bar room. all of a sd it turns into a -- all of a sudden it turns into a shooting gallery. it started when bar employees told a man who was selling marijuana to get out. that's when five men pulled out guns and just started shooting. >> that's the sound of gunfire. no one was hit and all the gunmen got away. toledo police just released the video in an attempt to tie to
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identify -- try to identify some of the suspects involved. coming up next on "good morning maryland" - >> new information with the h1n1 virus. >> i'm linda so live in baltimore. if you're confused about the swine flu and where to go to get shots, we'll have the information you'll need coming up. rainbow, why so blue?
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hmmm, i'm losing energy this morning. did you have a good breakfast?
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nooo. here, try this, it's under three hundred calories and pretty satisfying. mmmm! tasty! looks like everything is back to normal. fight the morning fade in under three hundred calories. jimmy dean d-lights. shine on. most of you are aware of it but many of you are confused by it. the late e information on the h1n1 virus. >> what do we do in afghanistan? we have the debates that continue about whether or not we should send in more troops. >> before we race for a cure let's harvest for a cure. this week we're getting you ready to "think pink." all those stories and a lot more coming up. if you look in the corner of your screen you'll see a little pink ribbon. constitution


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